April 15 Approaches

tax woesI've been doing my taxes today. And undoubtedly tomorrow.

I believe that taxes are the price of civilization, but did they have to make TurboTax even less fun to use than it was last year?

I suppose I could offload the hassle to an accountant, but given that I'm fairly careful about claiming what I can claim — but don't believe in pushing the envelope — I can't believe one would save me enough money to justify the expense unless they went too far.

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2 Responses to April 15 Approaches

  1. PHB says:

    I stopped using turbotax after they discontinued selling copies for prior years and I had to reconstruct a five year old return from scratch with tax cut.

    I am sure that governments could increase collections by making it easier to produce the return. I am spending my time typing computer printouts into a computer.

    I spent an hour last night getting my deductions right which will have no impact on my taxes this year due to the AMT rules. Tonight I have to go through my capital gains and losses, ugh.

  2. John Flood says:

    You should try UK taxes. I filed my return earlier this year. I was required–using the HMRC software which calculates the amounts–to pay extra and I did. I later get a letter from HMRC saying I have overpaid by the exact amount I was required to pay. Moreover if I don’t claim the overpayment soon I would be liable for penalties!

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