Open Season on Wasserman Schultz

Blogs from all across the land are piling on to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz today.

As a result, she's staged a very small retreat, nicely summarized by Flablog, as

Wasserman Schultz clarifies: She's only going to passively-aggressively oppose Democrats running for Congress.

The fact is, she earned this abuse fair and square. But given that DWS is one of the more reasonable congresspersons in the state, and would probably be a better Senator than Bill Nelson — he voted for torture, she wouldn't — I can't say I that the current feeding frenzy fills me with joy. But she earned it.

It's important for state Democrats to stop taking the party for granted.

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One Response to Open Season on Wasserman Schultz

  1. da lizza says:

    i agree. i was so excited about her. i really was. but the lack of impeachment hearings, and now this? hmmm… makes me not so excited about her. and her dissmissive statement to nicole sullivan on air american made me even less thrilled.

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