We Media’s Wee Widget

We Media has a widget that lets you see what people posting to its blog are saying. The widget downloader offered me a choice of no less than 14 different social softwares to which I might be adding the tool…but no vanilla HTML offering. So I picked one by guessing. To view this you'll probably have to visit my blog, rather then going via the feed, and you will certainly have to enable shockwave for content from widgetserver.com. (Note that I have no idea who is behind widgetserver.com but as of this writing my computer is still working.)

In fact, I believe “widget” may be the buzzword du jour. A pitch happened in front of my eyes this evening, most of which consisted of an offer of widgets.

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One Response to We Media’s Wee Widget

  1. Dui says:

    Looks pretty neat. I am literally flooded with widgets. Good Lord can’t someone just figure out a way to place all of these widgets in one big package. I don’t know how to do them most of the time anyways. It would be nice if Word Press just bundled up all of the popular widgets, with really easy instructions for computer idiots like me.

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