Search Plugins for Miami-Dade Public Library

Thanks to the kind work of volunteer Johnathan Mayo, there's now a browser search plugin for the Miami-Dade Public Library System catalog.

I've got to learn to write these. It looks so easy, but my first try bombed…

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  1. Patrick (G) says:

    I created a quickie keyword search for the local library system.
    The hard part was getting Firefox to accept the plugin.
    I ended having to created an HTML file with the following script:

    function installSearchEngine(searchPlugin) {
    if (window.external && (“AddSearchProvider” in window.external)) {
    // Firefox 2 and IE 7, OpenSearch
    } else {
    // No search engine support (IE 6, Opera, etc).
    alert(“No search engine support”);

    and the following links in the body:
    install Search Engine

    Search Engine

    Note that the fully-qualified URL is key, because it checks for “http” (or https or ftp)

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