Gravel Loves Chomsky

Another, far weirder, Gravel video.

Did he really say that Ralph Nader helped Al Gore? And did he really say he'd want Noam Chomsky as one of his closest advisers?

And did he really say he's going to be on the ballot in November (maybe with Nader) on what can only be understood as a third-party ticket?

Noam Chomsky??? As a Presidential adviser? Seriously weird.

On the other hand, as entertainment goes you do approach a Gravel video with the fear that he could do or say anything.

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7 Responses to Gravel Loves Chomsky

  1. “Noam Chomsky??? As a Presidential adviser? Seriously weird.”
    Why, because Gravel thinks he’ll win that way, or because of Chomsky himself?

  2. Michael says:

    Because of Chomsky himself. And, no, before you find some quote where he says something sensible, not every single thing Chomsky says is nuts, but more than enough is.

  3. Benjamin Merhav says:

    MORE ON THE TREACHERY OF NOAM CHOMSKY (article 58), by Benjamin Merhav

    We are now well into 2008, but Noam Chomsky remains the same zionist impostor with the same loyalty to USA imperialism. Last year he stated publicly, in reply to The Independent reader, that the USA is “the most free country in the world”. Not only is this a lie, a deliberate lie, but its inevitable impact would serve well the USA ruling class, as it fosters complacency in the face of a growing fascisation of the USA .

    It prompted me to write 4 consecutive articles to call people’s attention to his false imperialist propaganda. In article 56, a fifth one on the subject, on this blog I again call attention to his dangerous treachery as follows :

    “Yet, Noam Chomsky, the most notorious zionist impostor in the USA, has continued to lull the American people into complacency, and he is still on the same track.

    I have posted 4 articles in this series (see, articles 34 to 37) to make people aware of his complacency and of his undercover support for USA imperialism. In article 34 I quote his reply to The Independent reader question as follows :

    “Would you describe the US as it is now as a fascist state? T SUMMERS, CORNWALL

    Chomsky : Far from it. In many respects it is the most free country in the world.”

    Now, another American democrat, Paul Craig Roberts,has written for Christmas an article in which he describes the USA as the prison of its own people.”

    A few days ago , Chomsky repeated again his call for complacency in the USA, and this time it is in open support for the status quo, and in praise of it ! In an article published by a local paper about a public meeting addressed by Chomsky, under the title, Chomsky Draws a Crowd , an article which was republished by Chomsky on his own website, there is this following revelation :

    “”It’s a much more civilized society (in the USA) than it was 30 or 40 years ago,” said Chomsky. “You can be pessimistic if you’d like and look at the golden days.”

    At one point, he touched upon how young Americans have a difficult time deciding how to make the world a better place.

    “We have a tremendous amount of freedom,” said Chomsky. “The problem that young people face is that there’s too much to choose from.”

    Chomsky mentioned that people have the choice to look at the world in either an optimistic or pessimistic viewpoint. “

    In other words, Chomsky is optimistic for the present plutocracy in the USA, and its heinous war crime and crimes against humanity perpetrated in the Middle East and elsewhere. He considers them, evidently, as proof of the progress the USA has made towards becoming a “much more civilized society”.

    This is the true Noam Chomsky , in a rare admission of his true politics, rather than Chomsky the masquerading “anti-imperialist champion” author of numerous books and articles which are no more than traps for the fools who
    trust him !

    (Emphasis added – B.M.)

  4. Dui says:

    I can’t stand watching these YouTube videos. I swore I would never watch one again. I guess I caved to watch this one. I wish I hadn’t. They just appear to be so “cheesy”.

  5. how says:

    I wish U of Miami would invite provocative people to speak on campus once in a while like Chomsky.

  6. “but more than enough is.”
    That’s pretty irrational of you, but you’re not alone in that.

  7. markel says:

    Seriously, have you seen Bush’s advisors and what they’ve advised him? I wish Chomsky would be running mate to Ralph Nader, but I’d take him as advisor to Gravel. Hopefully Gravel will run as an independant too, but it doesn’t look like it. Nader, Chomsky, and Gravel are mountains of integrity, the others are weeds blowing in the wind. And for the above, virtually all those quotes from Chomsky are things he says all the time. Which country in the world do you think is freer? China? Russia? In virtually any other country somebody like Nader would be in jail, in the US he’s running for president-in Columbia he’d be shot. It IS getting bad, but virtually EVERY country is getting bad-there is still some freedom in the US.

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