Banking Humor

From Calculated Risk: Rob now, HOPE later:

A robber in a ski mask blamed the bank for what he was about to do, The Associated Press reported Feb. 22.

“You took my house, now I'm going to take your money!” the assailant hollered. Talk about a reverse mortgage!

The FBI plans to review the bank's foreclosure records for clues.

The suspect is presumed to be ARM'ed and dangerous.

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2 Responses to Banking Humor

  1. SEO says:

    I’ll tell you a good one, true story also.

    A guy was charged with holding up a liquor shop and stealing a bottle of Rum and a packet of smokes at gun point. The magistrate said, there was thousands in cash sitting in the register so it was pretty stupid taking what you did.

    The robber said, nah it was clever.. I’m an alcoholic so i just would of spent the money on Rum anyway, and i couldn’t exactly go back and buy it after sticking a gun in his face could i?

    lol, Carly.

  2. Chantix says:

    Don’t you love this country? I know I do 😀

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