Annette Taddeo Offical Campaign Launch

I neglected to note that Annette Taddeo officially launched her campaign yesterday. I would have loved to go, but it happened during a class. Here’s the press release.

Annette Taddeo officially announced her candidacy for Congress in Florida’s 18th Congressional District today at Congressman Dante Fascell Park in South Miami. Taddeo was joined by supporters, elected officials, family and friends.

Taddeo kicked off her campaign for change. “I am here today, asking for your support in our quest for a new direction – not just in Washington, but here at home as well, because South Florida needs leaders who can be independent, inclusive leaders who will be bold and bi-partisan, both courageous and compassionate”, said Taddeo.

Taddeo spoke specifically about issues she plans to focus on during her run for Congress. She said she would work to balance the nation’s budget, protect the environment and slow global warming, improve access to affordable and available healthcare, and bring our troops home safely from Iraq. “My campaign for change will be about focusing on the issues that matter, and on sharing solutions about how we can create a better community and country”, stated Taddeo at the announcement.

Taddeo says she is running because she wants to make a difference for the people of the district, and believes the time is right with the electorate ready for new leadership.

“We have heard the people’s desire for change, for leaders who will work everyday in Washington to improve life here at home, for a change in the way the powers that be do business in Washington, and for leaders who will work to create a government that works for all of us”, said Taddeo.

The results last night from New York state suggest that no Republican is safe anywhere this year.

Update: Similar result — Democratic upset — in the special election for Florida House District 32.

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