The Suddenly Vanishing Palmetto

As a result of some rustication with a local journalist who threatened to out one of the authors, Stuck on the Palmetto, one of the very best, perhaps the bigsotp2.jpgbest, of the local blogs is gone. It's not just closing shop, it seems to have taken its archive with it.

I'll miss it. Please guys, can't you at least leave the archive up? Local historians will want this some day.

(And if you ever want to guest post anonymously or otherwise, let me know…)

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6 Responses to The Suddenly Vanishing Palmetto

  1. anon says:

    SOTP was by far the best local blog. I’m really sad to see it go. There is no other local blog at the same caliber.

  2. Dave Harper says:

    SotP was one of my favorites. Sad to see it go. Not all of the archives are lost, though… Some of the posts from the last two years survive here:

  3. anon says:

    So who is the low life reporter?

  4. CL Jahn says:

    The reporter in question is Bob Norman, of the New Times. Of course, he’s ducking responsibility and claiming that Rick overreacted. Mebbe so. Me, I haven’t read the New Times much since DeFede left, and now I won’t read it at all. No loss.

  5. Dave Harper says:

    At Rick’s request, I’ve taken down the SotP archives that survived on

    The link I posted in an earlier comment is no longer active.

  6. SEO says:

    Whoa that was sudden, there was alot of posts on there.

    Anyway all the best for the future guys.


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