Robert Waldmann Is Appalled

Poor Robert Waldmann, who has been living abroad for a long time, is now being exposed to US TV. Political TV.

And his reaction after a session of “Hardball”? “It is worse than I imagined possible.

Then again, he admits he was warned:

The point, as has been explained to me by many on the web including Atrios and Yglesias, is to have dramatic conflict in which a tough journalist forces someone to answer questions he doesn't want to answer. The fact that they are not important issues is irrelevant.

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One Response to Robert Waldmann Is Appalled

  1. Also Matthews was wrong on the facts. Romney senior did appear with King Jr in Grosse Pointe.

    It is still not clear if he marched or just walked. I’m sure Matthews will be ruthlessly cross examining someone on the question tomorrow.

    All I can say is that someone who can make me root for Romney must be a Republican operative.

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