Got Lots to Do

Stuff to look into:

  • Open Source Web Design
  • FTC Staff summary of comments on private use of SSNs
  • Anderson v. Commonwealth, 2007 Va. LEXIS 115 (Va. September 14, 2007) (allowing DNA testing on arrest)
  • HSPD-12 the source of the JPL privacy fuss
  • The voice of the London Underground and of British Airports does spoofs — and lost the Tube gig as a result.
  • Biometrics are not a panacea for data loss
  • Miles & Sunstein, The Real World of Arbitrariness Review (“This study, based on an extensive data set, finds that … Democratic appointees are far more likely to vote to invalidate, as arbitrary, conservative agency decisions than liberal agency decisions. Republican appointees are far more likely to invalidate, as arbitrary, liberal agency decisions than conservative agency decisions. Significant panel effects are also observed. Democratic appointees show especially liberal voting patterns on all-Democratic panels; Republican appointees show especially conservative voting patterns on all-Republican panels. Our central findings do not show that judicial votes are dominated by political considerations, but they do raise grave doubts about the claim that hard look review is operating as a neutral safeguard against the errors and biases of federal agencies. Because judicial policy commitments are playing a large role, there is a strong argument for reducing the role of those commitments, and perhaps for softening hard look review.”)
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  1. I used to use, they have quite a few nice css designs. I do most of my own now, unless I have a client that just wants something fast and cheap.

    The only problem with using them, is a bunch of people may be using the same design. Thats probably not too good if your trying to brand your company using your website.

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