CompUSA to Close

CompUSA will close at the end of the year.

Their prices were not that good compared to, four out of five of their staff were unhelpful or ignorant (but the fifth was usually great), and in fact for the past several years I only bought stuff there in emergencies.

But emergencies happen, and it was nice to know there was a place you could go if you had to. It was also nice to test stuff like keyboards and mice which are hard to buy sight unseen. And the remaindered software bin wasn't bad. I'll miss it.

Yes, in NY or on the west coast there are lots of other alternatives, but here not so much. We do have a Tiger Direct outlet, but its selection is quirky, and it's a much longer drive from here.

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  1. Joe says:

    I stopped going to Incompetent USA some time ago. The store on Rockville Pike closed last year, and I didn’t miss it. There is a Microcenter across the street; whether they are any better I’ll soon know.

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