Commissioners and Desperate Developers Do Dirty Deal

Despite the language, I'm with Critical Miami on the substance of this one:

Ladies and gentlemen, your county commission is out of its collective fucking mind: They just approved $347 million for a new Marlins stadium (more then double what the actual team will contribute!), overrode the UDB veto (to allow building past the development boundary, and note that Katy Sorenson, Rebeca Sosa, Carlos Gimenez, and Dennis Moss are the only ones that stood up against development), and generally passed the whole downtown overhaul that was proposed last year. I'm with them on the streetcar and on Museum park, but not much of anything else. Update: The budget for the 800-unit replacement to the Scott and Carver housing projects can suddenly accommodate only about 150 units.

Ungood. The money for the Marlins is especially stupid since there's precious little evidence that the community actually wants to spend tax money on them. Or that they deserve it.

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