Bush as a Potted Plant

Kevin Hayden has it half right:

The American Street » Blog Archive » Let's assume Bush was telling the truth today: Even if we grant him the credibility that he was telling the truth about the NIE report (which was withheld from the public all year… by whom?) ask yourself if the world's most powerful leader is suggesting World War II may be possible, and if his team is failing to let him know what the NIE said till a week ago, and if he had a vague suggestion in August that the NIE contained different information that was notable, then:

1) This is December. Why did he wait three months for a followup?

2) If his staff is withholding such critical information for all year, doesn't it indicate someone's judgment is faulty?

No, it means the staff knows better than to interrupt the Bush brush clearing with pesky details. And Cheney and Addington make the decisions. Or at least made them until Gates teamed up with the CIA…

I'd really like to see someone asking the GOP candidates in a debate to grade the Bush presidency. How many would dare give it even a B-? But how many would dare go lower?

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2 Responses to Bush as a Potted Plant

  1. Brett Bellmore says:

    World War II isn’t just possible, I’d say it’s a done deal.

  2. Perfume says:

    You mean World War 3?

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