Where’d My Clock Go?

The clock in the left margin is (was?) powered by clocklink.com, which seems to be having some troubles today:

Unable to request URL from host www.clocklink.com:80: tried all of the host's addresses:

1. www.clocklink.com/ Connection refused
2. www.clocklink.com/ Connection refused

I hope it's temporary.

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3 Responses to Where’d My Clock Go?

  1. Looks like they got it back up again. Looks like they may have just been reseting their servers. That doen’t look like an application error.

    Nice clock, might look into adding that on one of my local based sites.

  2. Mojo says:

    I still prefer the wiki clock.

  3. SEO says:

    It is a nice clock, but that’s why i prefer to host little gadgets like this, countdown timers ect on my own server instead of remotely where possible.

    Having to connect to several other remote servers on every page load can slow things down alot, especially if one of these 3rd party servers is having problems or downtime.

    This way if my site is up, the gadgets are up. But the clock here has been doing well, first time i have ever seen it down on Discourse.


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