Wayne Slavin’s No-Good Horrible TSA Bad Day

Wayne Slavin, missed his trip to South Africa because the TSA (and hired airport security) acted really badly. (And Delta Airlines wasn't much help.)

The question is, does this mean that the TSA staff are regressing to the mean for people with guns and power treating the powerless (that is, you and me)?

It's not surprising that we are seeing the emergence of occasional airport petty tyrants. The sheer scale of the operation ensures there will be some. When TSA began, however, it was notable for the unusual courtesy with which the staff treated the passengers, especially as compared to their predecessor contract screener. Was that focus on decent interaction just the police equivalent of a credit card teaser rate, or the TSA ready to crack down on its bad apples?

History offers little ground for optimism here.

[Bonus TSA follies posting.]

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2 Responses to Wayne Slavin’s No-Good Horrible TSA Bad Day

  1. What is he complaining about. He wasn’t tasered was he ? I kept thinking I was getting to the bad part.

    and what does he mean he has never missed an airplane ? He is going to the airport waY too earlY.

  2. Michael says:

    He is going to the airport waY too earlY.

    Robert, this is the first evidence I’ve seen that you are going native in Italy.

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