Justice Delayed (and Covered Up)

Simple Justice Blog, Appeals Court Buries the Body So No One Knows, tells a strange and disturbing tale of NY state justice.

It features multiple carelessness and incompetence, an unethical prosecutor, a judge unworthy of the robe, and general callousness.

In the end, justice of a sort was done, and a mistaken conviction set aside … in a way that covered many tracks.

Every law student should read this — reality isn't quite like the textbooks.

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3 Responses to Justice Delayed (and Covered Up)

  1. Archit says:

    Not as disturbing as the NY Times story about the “tiny courts” of rural NY, http://www.nytimes.com/2006/09/25/nyregion/25courts.html

  2. Michael says:

    I actually teach the “tiny courts” article in my Jurisprudence class.

  3. Looks like some lawyers ought to be disbarred. The prosecutor for sure. Also the defense attorney who didn’t tell his client about the dismissal and the one who didn’t read the file.

    Can a judge be impeached for not reading the file ?

    Also thanks for the link

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