It Can’t Happen Here

This clip from an Australian comedy show, the Chaser's War on Everything, which purports to be man-in-the-street interviews of somewhat ordinary Americans (conducted by US-based reporter Charles Firth?) must be a spoof. It's probably a spoof. I mean, it has a laugh track. I hope it's a spoof.

People wouldn't really say that stuff just sixty years after the Holocaust, would they?

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One Response to It Can’t Happen Here

  1. Of course they would. Remember:

    “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” (Ann Coulter)

    And she’s considered a respectable pundit.

    It’s no trick at all to troll through a crowd and come up with a few in-your-face bigots. But when they’re considered respectable, that’s another matter.

    It’s important to remember that elightened academia is a very small part of the population (and not to think that the norms there are some sort of global law – often, being a hateful liar works)

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