DC Mores v. Miami Mores

I grew up mostly in DC, moved around for a while, landed in Miami 15 years ago.

Even so, it's interesting to read a recent DC transplant's take on D.C. vs. Here. Some of it is familiar; other parts remind me that I don't get out very much. A few choice excerpts:

D.C.: Business casual during the week, including collared golf shirts and khakis for men, and slightly more cute, conservative tops for the women in their khakis–skirts or pants.

Here: Interesting casual all the time, including flip flops on men wearing khakis and flowing linen shirts, and women wearing tops plunging way past there. To work?

D.C.: Getting work done before dinner, then working more after dinner.

Here: Everyone, I mean everyone, looks like they’ve had work done. Am I in L.A.?

D.C.: I am entitled to that table. My name is sometimes in the news.

Here: I am entitled to that table. I just am.

D.C.: I know the owner (except they rarely do).

Here: I know the owner (good God, they all really do).

D.C.: Eat by 6:30 p.m. at the latest on a weeknight and go home.

Here: Eat by 10 p.m. at the latest on a weeknight and go home.

Restaurant Gal is the sort of local, personal, blog I'd read regularly for the fun of it…if I had the time.

(Spotted via link from MiamiBeach411)

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