Words You Don’t Like to Hear About Your Air Conditioner

Words you don't like to hear about your two-year-old central air conditioner in the middle of August in Florida:

“They've had all sorts of problems with that model. They stopped selling it.”

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3 Responses to Words You Don’t Like to Hear About Your Air Conditioner

  1. Joe says:

    What brand is it?

  2. Joe says:

    Just curious. Without conducting an extensive investigation of a manufacturer, there is no way to predict which devices will go bad and which will be OK. I refuse to buy any motorola electronic equipment, including cell phones, after having bad experiences with my daughter’s Nextel phone. Motorola sells radios to first responders around the country, but those systems broke down on 9/11/2001. I don’t buy Dell computers, for any reason, and I won’t buy anything made by LG or Philips. If you want a barely used LG DVD burner, let me know. I’ll ship it to you for the price of shipping, because I think that it is junk. The ex-DC police officer who installed my air conditioner did not install Carriers, but I never asked him why. He may have had a good reason.

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