Welcome Section “B”

I participated in the Law School's orientation program today by moderating a discussion on the law relating to Guantanamo with the incoming students in section 'B'. I don't teach in the first year but the idea was that students having a teacher who won't be grading them this year would make students more willing to talk.

It was a lively session. I see my role in these events primarily as devil's advocate, so I tried not to telegraph my opinions. Indeed, after class one student told me he was sure I was a liberal, the other that he was sure I was a conservative. I told the class that if they wanted to know what I really think, they'd find it here. So, students wanting to know what I think about the issues will find a hint in my 124 postings on Guantanamo and in the 99 posts on Torture. Since the posts are in reverse chronological order, you should start at the bottom, where you'll find Guantanamo: Our Collective Shame. Posted October 10, 2003 and still true.

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2 Responses to Welcome Section “B”

  1. Brod says:

    Seriously? These whiz kids enrolled in UM Law ignorant of your blog and your views on torture? Oy.

  2. LACJ says:

    Did I thank you recently for your courage and moral convictions in repeatedly writing on this topic? If not, thanks. You are one of the few people that help keep me sane in an increasingly insane world.

    Do they learn that the Executive is above the law in Con Law these days? Everything I ever learned in that course (taught by a fairly well-connected Federalist Society type) is seemingly no longer valid.

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