Radar Profiles John Young

John Young posts the text of Radar Magazine's generally sympathetic profile under the (ironic? paranoid? both?) title of Radar Smears Cryptome.

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One Response to Radar Profiles John Young

  1. The story does make him sound like a paranoid. And I assume he was not happy to have his intelligence-agency in-laws publicized, nor his work connection to the Establishment (very bad for the radical image). And that’s the sort of thing which will cause unkind people in his audience to wonder if maybe HE is a spy (after all, what better cover for a spy than supposedly running a fearless spy-expose site? – then he could intercept any dangerous leaks).

    For all his cypherpunky posturing, John is mostly harmless and playing a game of “shock the bourgeoisie”. And if he ever isn’t harmless, he’s a lot more likely to end up being some intelligence agent’s pawn than to expose any government malfeasance (I wonder if he knows this on some level).

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