I'm in DC for a long weekend with family and may not post much.

It was interesting to arrive at National Airport, and be greeted by a display at the t-shirt store of a shirt that said something like, “I Love My Country, It's My Government I'm Afraid Of.”

It wasn't very pretty, but I was still tempted to buy it.

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4 Responses to In DC

  1. Andy says:

    Welcome to DC. Remember to hydrate.

  2. “Excuse me, I’m interested in this T-shirt.”

    “Okay, sure, fifteen bucks.”

    “You sell a lot of these?”


    “Who usually buys them?”

    “All kinds of people, really. You know, ordinary people like you.”

    “Uh huh. You wouldn’t mind helping me out a little, would you, just let me know. You know, someone buys a T-shirt, send me an e-mail with his name, address, phone number, that kind of thing? You’ve got such a nice little shop here, it’d be a shame for you to lose your airport concession….”

  3. Joe, at 14th and NY Ave says:

    Make sure that you cruise thru the 14th and New York avenue intersection, so that you can view the Patrick Fitzgerald D.C. office, directly above the Potbelly Sandwich shop on the corner. We’re thinking about applying for historic status for the building.

  4. SEO says:

    I would of bought one, pretty or not the message is beautiful.

    Good to see you couldn’t resist posting while in DC, hope your having a good trip.

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