FISA Amendments

That the Democrats were supine in letting the FISA (Wiretap) bill rush through with minimal scrutiny is clear. What the bill does, though, I haven't quite figured out to my satisfaction.

It's another couple of degrees towards boiled frog; no, it's mostly sensible; no, it's a blank check for the executive, with meaningless oversight.

It's for six months — or is that a year? — and will, I predict be renewed once.

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One Response to FISA Amendments

  1. albatross says:

    I’m sure that once the Democrats have the white house, they will suddenly remember their principles and no longer will think the executive branch needs the power to wiretap without warrants, disappear people into secret prisons, and torture them until they confess to whatever made-up crap gets the electrodes taken off their genitals for another session. How could anyone doubt it?

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