Beats Me

I've given up trying to understand what all this means (especially as with RSS taking on more and more of the readership, hit counts become increasingly artificial).

But on this list, Most Popular Blawgs of All Time – Justia Blawg Search, I'm #143. While on one of these two lists, I'm chopped liver and on the other #18.

Spotted via Feminists Law Professors, How Big Is It?, where they care about this sort of stuff…

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2 Responses to Beats Me

  1. Tony Zirkle says:

    If we close Gitmo, where do we put the ones we keep in custody?

    Tony Zirkle

  2. Michael says:

    Regular prisons, including maximum security where appropriate. (But please move this thread to where it belongs.)

    That is, places where minimal due process and civil rights still purport to exist.

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