Yahoo!’s Veracity Challenged

Does Yahoo! have more in common with Gonzales than is good for them? You may recall the cause celbre of Yahoo! giving up email records to the Chinese government which were then used to jail a dissident. According to Yahoo! at the time the issue hit the fan, the story was that when Yahoo! had been asked for the email records Yahoo! didn't know this was a political rather than ordinary criminal matter.

Now, however, there's evidence that at all relevant times Yahoo! knew or should have known that this was a political case. The case is made out by Rebecca MacKinnon at RConversation: Shi Tao's case: Yahoo! knew more than they claimed.

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One Response to Yahoo!’s Veracity Challenged

  1. SEO says:

    Yahoo should of done a Google search of the information to get more details on the case!

    Seriously though, people just don’t realise the volumes of data harvested from their day to day activities and how it’s used, or potentially is used. Human profiling is really starting to become big business, and with the major search companies really answering to nobody it is concerning what information is changing hands… And what it will be like as technology progresses.

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