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    Urk! I have used Linksys stuff since we got DSL years ago. It was the first piece of addon computer equipment I got to work right out of the box. My first wireless router gave up the ghost after a couple of years but the second just keeps on working. The only problem I have is the need to power it down to clear conflicts with the other computers on my home network. At times we have had 4 desk and laptops working simultaneously. I hope the next replacement will be of upgraded quality to go with the Cisco name?


    Urk! Again. I used the thunderbird help pages to recover from a netscape screwup that lost connection to my saved mail. My fault, but thunderbird saved the day and helped me escape the wrath of my wife. Thanks thunderbird.

  3. hipparchia says:

    great list. thanks. i’ve tried my hand at hunting down the fighter jet.

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