ICANN NomCom Group Photo


Photo credit: Russ Mundy

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4 Responses to ICANN NomCom Group Photo

  1. Maya says:

    Are these the crew who control the worlds domains?

    Heck they look like a group from the local Sunday Lawn Bowls day who compete for a $5 Sponge Cake.

  2. Michael says:

    No, that would the voting majority of the ICANN Board, not the lowly nomcom.

    (PS. There Is No Cabal.)

  3. jim says:

    Three women?

  4. Chuck says:

    Question on the future.
    If Bush expands the power of the presidency by winning the potential lawsuit for contempt by Harriet Miers, then will this power carry on to the Next President?
    So, if Bush is attempting to create an “Imperial Presidency”, will the democrats inherent this power?
    To quote Philip Jose Farmer, “One man’s nightmare is another man’s …. dream”
    How many Republicans are currently all smiles, who will be crying and gnashing of teeth when
    a. Hllary comes to power.
    b. Obama comes to power.
    I don’t believe Karl Rove has looked ahead two years.

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