Air Rage, Flight Attendant Dept.

A woman refused a flight attendant's demand that she drug her toddler to stop him saying “Bye, bye plane” over and over again. So the Continental Express attendant kicked them off the flight.

I'll bet many travelers have fantasized about making a noisy kid near by disappear, not to mention the ones who kick your seat. But few would want it carried out in practice. And to demand the parent injure the child's health? That's appalling.

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4 Responses to Air Rage, Flight Attendant Dept.

  1. Carly says:

    Not real great if it did happen exactly as stated, however sometimes i wonder the legitimacy or bias of these type of stories. Sometimes what really happened….

  2. Sara says:

    If the airlines allow babies and children to fly and accept money for seats, they accept responsbility for fully knowing what infant and toddler behavior can be compromised of. To even suggest the child be druggged is beyond apalling. It is reckless. And to turn the plane around because the stewardess is miffed that her irresponsible suggestion is refuted is the basis for her suspension. She, not the mother or child, is responsible for the plane’s further delay, the upset and the cost to the airline and the mother and child’s travel disruptions…not the two year old who simply was repeating, as toddlers will, an excitement at air travel, nor the mother who refused to harm her child.

  3. Phill says:

    Looks like this is one of those communter jet outfits subcontracting to Continental. One of the underappreciated risks of that type of arrangement is that you have a bunch of yahoos that don’t work for you that can seriously trash your brand.

    Continental took the money for the ticket, they have a serious PR issue here. Grovelling appologies are called for.

  4. Someone said the only place a BABY ON BOARD placard actually makes sense is on an airliner door.

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