Everybody’s Doing It

Bill Clinton has a blog.

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  1. Realist says:

    TAPPED (The American Prospect) blog is a cowardly excuse for a blog. Those twats have apparantly banned my comments because they can’t disprove them. If anyone here values freedom of expression, post comments on TAPPED and tell them what twats they are for banning someone they can’t disprove. I have heard the “blog is like someone’s house” analogy in that you can ban anyone you want as you can tell anyone in your house to leave, but there is a difference between banning someone for being a dick and banning someone for consistently saying things that they don’t want to hear yet can’t disprove because they’re the facts, like them or not. I’ve said the truth about 9/11 being a false flag operation many times on many blogs and have yet to be banned by anyone but TAPPED. I know a lot of people like to pretend that 9/11 happened the way the official myth has it, but nevertheless they haven’t banned me. And a big blog like TAPPED? That even has its own magazine in print? Utterly gutless. Those cowards are either willingly or unknowingly part of the cover-up, helping out the mass murderers who have the blood of 3,000 Americans on their hands. No wonder their blog’s motto is “Liberal Intelligence”. They must be the liberal wing of the intelligence community. They’re accessories-after-the-fact to mass murder. Cowardly pieces of shit who ban people instead of trying to debate because they can’t defend the indefensible. To hell with TAPPED.

  2. Well, Realist, I’d ban you too if that’s any consolation.

    But, speaking of Bill Clinton’s weblog, it’s a pretty impressively slick bit of PR. *Too* slick, if you asked me; it’s lovely that BillC and his entourage flitted off to Johannesburg for the week, but I didn’t even reach Mr. Clinton’s editorial before my eyes glazed over and I backspaced out. The problem is that a diary just isn’t his style, so the weblog gets filled with insincere-sounding “In My Own Words” articles.

    If I were in a position to advise him on his weblog, I’d say *don’t*. Mr. Clinton is a supremely cautious politician, and that style just doesn’t work when you’re trying to do yellow journalism.

  3. Realist says:

    Disregard the above post, as it appears their comments are down for everybody; to the people at TAPPED I apologize, presuming that the comments problem is indeed genuine though at quite a convenient time I must add. However, the reason why I said what I said is that not too long ago in a thread on TAPPED I was initially able to post as many links as I liked, and as I like to have links to back up a particular point there were a good amount of links; then after a little while I tried to post the next comment and it sent it to the screen where it says it’s being held pending approval. So I tried separating it into smaller segments, and I’m not a computer expert so I was just guessing it might be a factor of how many hyperlinks are included in a post. But it still wouldn’t work; yet I saw on another thread I was able to comment and even post more than one link, however immediately after I posted someone spammed a bunch of indeceipherable letters and numbers. I then wrote in that it was ridiculous for someone to be allowed to spam them yet I can’t post comments on a very important thread. I think it was 27 pieces of spam, for which they apologized and removed, to their credit, though nobody ever mentioned why my comments on that particular thread were censored or hindered, however you want to refer to it. So I came back a couple days later and thought “What if I separate it into segments with only one link apiece?” so I tried that, and for whatever reason it worked. If anyone else was experiencing this problem I didn’t hear about it, but anyway it appeared designed to make what I was saying much more choppy, cut up into one-link segments, and though I mentioned it more than once in other threads on there, nobody said anything about it to my knowledge. Regardless, I worked around it by posting things in small one-link segments and told them so. In other threads I was able to post however many links I wanted. So call it whatever you like, though I didn’t say anything outside of on TAPPED. Then a couple days ago I tried to post on another thread and it blocked my comment. So I tried it a few times and left thinking maybe it was a technical problem, maybe censorship, I didn’t see any mention of this problem on there so I waited a couple days. Then I go back onto the thread that had other peoples’ comments on it and again I can’t post. So I separated what I was posting into a couple of segments, each with one link. It didn’t work; then I tried posting with no links at all.
    Still it didn’t work, and at that point, going by their past behavior it appeared that I was being censored again, perhaps for a comment I recently made about Iran being an independent country who knows? But it appeared that I was being blocked from commenting; the thread which I was trying to post on was a few days old but had other peoples’ comments on it and I had bookmarked it instead of the main page; it was my fault for not at that point checking the main page where it had since been posted at some point that they were experiencing alleged technical problems with the comments feature. So though the underlying circumstances of me having been previously censored there were their fault, it was entirely my fault that I didn’t check on the main page to see if they had yet offered any explanation, and for that I apologize. It would be nice to get an apology from TAPPED for censoring me in the first place not too long ago which led me to fly into a rage when it appeared they were censoring me yet again, however the chances of that are remote, especially considering how TAPPED consistently pays lip service to the official 9/11 myth, wringing its hands about “Al Qaeda”, and though their motto is “Liberal Intelligence”, the farthest to the Left they will go on the Iran matter still echoes the mainstream rhetoric that “Iran must be prevented from choosing to develop nuclear energy and/or weapons” and merely debates how best to go about that, nevermind the fact that Iran is an independent country. It’s an illustration of how far politics have shifted to the conservative side in the U.S. since 9/11 that what passes for the mainstream position and what passes for the liberal position are both somewhat right-of-center especially in foreign policy matters. And as an aside, anybody out there that almost six years after 9/11 still thinks the official story is true, and further, writes articles that take for granted this myth, is
    conceding the parameters of the argument to the Republicans. After how much time do you have to presume that a blog or a think tank would have to have had people there that had been exposed to the existence of a 9/11 truth movement, and out of curiosity if nothing else started looking into the details of 9/11? In doing so, it doesn’t take long before you realize that there are some major impossibilities inherant in the official story, which should make a normal person want to investigate further, and then would find out even more impossibilities and “coincidences”. Come on. It’s been almost six years. There is enough evidence readily available just a google away, plenty enough to cook their goose several times over. So at what point can it be presumed it is willful avoidance of unpleasant information as opposed to simply not being aware that anything other than the official myth has occurred to anyone? Whichever it is, for TAPPED and for this blog and for every other blog that claims to be telling it like it is, they all need to take an afternoon and take a hard look at the details of that terrible morning that the whole foreign policy and much of domestic policy is wrapped around ever since; in looking at the details they would see who the real terrorists are. Sooner or later though, the truth about 9/11 will be mainstream, common knowledge and I wouldn’t envy the blogs, pundits etc. who are among the last to abandon a story that just can’t hold water.

  4. SEO says:

    Well honestly, that’s the last thing i expected to see. I just keep thinking “why”

  5. aidan says:

    Any babe pics on his blog – as in ‘chicks I knew and loved’ albums?

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