DFC Up to Its Old Tricks

Unchanging: The Florida Dept. Of Children and Families is still screwing up, and kids are dying,

It was the fourth time in as many years that state child welfare workers had visited the home of Stephanie Dorismond.

The oldest of five children, Stephanie, 15, had told North Miami Beach police that her uncle had asked for sex and that a family friend had molested her. An investigator took less than a week to devise a safety plan:

''Mom told [to] ensure the safety and wellbeing of the child at all times,'' he noted in his report.

Case closed.

But even as Department of Children & Families investigator Williams R. Ajayi moved on to his next case, Stephanie, a slim girl with a glowing smile, was already in peril. On April 10, a day before DCF closed its case, a counseling group assigned to work with the family told Ajayi that the teen had run away from home.

Records show Ajayi did nothing.

And Stephanie was found dead in a hotel room soon afterwards.

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