Sports Tipsters (and Future Cabinet Members) Use the Internet Pseudonymously

Many hands dept: Internet tipsters are much better at discovering college sports violations than the myopic NCAA.

It was well past midnight in January 2006 when a user named aggiegrant06 dashed off a thread on that detailed how his girlfriend handed out payroll checks for a car dealer in Norman, Okla. “She didn’t recognize several of the names,” aggiegrant06 wrote. “She thought it was fishy and asked me.”

The boyfriend knew the names in the blink of an instant message: They were football players at Oklahoma. Gotcha

Plus, in same story, we learn that SecDef Gates used to post anonymously on a sports blog,

Before Robert Gates took office as the nation’s secretary of defense in 2006, he was the president at Texas A&M. People knew exactly who he was — or did they? On, he blended into the fan forum with a secret identity: ranger65, according to The Dallas Morning News. Gates often began his posts with “I’m told” as he went into different issues with Aggies devotees.

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