We are enjoying Istanbul. Below is the night-time view of the Blue Mosque from the far corner of the roof terrace of our hotel, which hints at the grandeur of the best of the local architecture.


Indeed, given the number of mosques near here, we are well-placed to hear the muezzins' calls.

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2 Responses to Istanbul

  1. Ruth says:

    Dear Michael, I’d love to know the name of your hotel, as I’ll be in Istanbul in January, and would love to see that view!


  2. Michael says:

    We stayed at the Erguvan Hotel. It was clean and well-located (although the sights are all uphill from there). The staff are friendly, and the breakfast was good. They give a big discount for cash, and Turkish ATMs will give you money in Lira, Euros or Dollars.

    But the view of the Blue Mosque was just from a part of the roof resturant/bar — and maybe from the rooms that have balconies (ours didin’t). Although the view of the water wasn’t bad either.

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