Did I Miss Nothing?

I'm back, I'm almost over jet lag, and almost caught up with the news, but not with all the things that piled up while I was away. Fortunately, Patrick has agreed to do a few more guest posts as and when the Supreme Court issues its final decisions of the regular term.

It appears that nothing changed while I was away. Notably:

  • The war continues, and the Congress continues to enable it.
  • Alberto Gonzales is still Attorney General… although most of the senior people working for him are quitting either in disgust or (in the case of henchpeople) in fear.
  • There are near-daily revelations about US misdeeds regarding legal or physical treatment of prisoners in Iraq, or in Guantanamo or in secret CIA prisons, or regarding the coverup of same.
  • The Republican primary field appears as hapless as ever.

Or did I miss something?

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2 Responses to Did I Miss Nothing?

  1. The Maestro says:

    Nothing seems to change. I believe that there is a huge opportunity for a third party candidate.

  2. Well you missed the attention finally being given after several years to Cheney’s fourth and uncontrollable branch of government:

    The President of the Senate does not have to obey White House rules but the Vice President of the US does not have to obey Senate rules, so you can just go Cheney yourself.

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