Too True

This 'Goofus & Gallant: A DOJ Human Resources Primer' by Jesus' General is much too true.

It seems there's lots more rot to root out of DoJ. Don't miss the newscast that Ann Bartow linked to in a comment yesterday: DoJ's civil rights division isn't hiring (m)any minorities for its criminal division. Only two black lawyers out of 50. A number lower than any time since 1978. Although the broadcast doesn't say so in so many words, one gathers the overall number for the civil rights division including the civil side is better — or at least, the best in DOJ (whatever that means). But it's hard to escape the suspicion that there's a connection between the whiteness of the criminal division and this:

One Justice Department chart revealed that over a six-year period the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had referred 3,200 individual complaints of discrimination to the civil rights division for action. They have resulted in only six lawsuits for race discrimination.

It never ends…

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  1. The poppy is the “Canadian flower of remembrance”, the article says. The poppy is (or was) an international symbol for “remembrance” of the Allied war dead, started after World War I and inspired by the Canadian poem, “In Flanders Fields, the poppies grow, between the crosses row on row”.

    You know, reporters just don’t notice things like red paper poppies being sold on November 11 for the past 80 years.

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