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Ex MI6 agent and continuing thorn in the side of the UK spy establishment Richard Tomlinson has a blog entitled MI6 v Tomlinson.

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  1. aidan says:

    What a horrible invasion of privacy!

    The UK is becoming oddly disposed to Big Brother solutions these days. They even have talking cameras on the street, so that operators can bark reprimands at the lawless, or even at the casually delinquent. I read about one poor female, who stumbled out of a pub because there was a long line for the washroom and headed into an alleyway for a pee. As she was settling into the squatting position, static and high decibel barking started up, berating her for having an emergency whizz. What next? Strobe lights and slavering German Shepherds on long expandable leashes?

    There are even some of the bloody things outside George Orwell’s old house apparently.

    Blair is a bizarre act when you think about it. On the surface the GQ look and impish boy scout smile – yet behind the facade a Machiavellian controller to beat the band.

    I used to live in London, and I’m glad to be out of there. Canada is relatively free of the type of police atrocity described … (touching wood).

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