Pandora Wish List (Updated)

I want two things relating to Pandora.

1) I want Congress or the courts (or the agency itself on rehearing) to overturn the appalling decision of the Copyright Royalty Board (the CRB) setting an unreasonably high fee for the webcasting statutory license in the United States — that will charge Pandora and other internet radio stations so much for the right to broadcast that it would put them out of business.

[Update: Whoops. Seems the CRB appeal board has already rejected the appeal of its earlier ruling. It's on to the DC Circuit now. And that's sure to be uphill. Join The campaign to save net radio. (Or, maybe, some organization that looks more able to achieve the goal?) Congress, are you listening? ]

2) There ought to be an easy way to create a station based on everyone who's covered a given song using those covers as song seeds. I want a one-click way to use every version of “Louie, Louie” or “Major Tom” as joint song seeds.

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