Green Called on Account of Fear

E-mail from the UM Office of Public Safety, quoted in its entirety:

The UM Police Department had planned to support this weeks environmental initiatives with a “green day” on Wednesday, April 18th; UM patrol officers were logistically set to use only “green,” non-fossil fuel burning modes of transportation such as Segways, bicycles and GEMs (electric golf carts). However, due to increased security measures stemming from the recent events at Virginia Tech, the UM Police Department will be postponing this event.

(Despite this setback, the Green initiative seems real. I've noticed cops on Segways running around in the past week. Segways seem just the right size for campus walkways, although it seems I missed my chance to try one.)

As for fear, it could be worse: we're not locking down the campus in fear of an umbrella.

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One Response to Green Called on Account of Fear

  1. Anonymous 1L says:

    Somewhat off topic…

    While I think the Green Initiative is a good idea, one thing has been bothering me: Why, exactly, do the campus police at UM need them? What did they use before Segways? Surely, there are places that bikes (and horses, for that matter) can go where Segways cannot. And whatever happened to walking? According to Segway’s website, they start at $5,000 each. It seems as if a mountain bike is less expensive to buy and maintain, can go places Segways can’t, and can get to where they need to be quicker than a Segway. Not to mention that Segways need to be recharged, which I’m sure will be fun when the next hurricane hits and campus is without power for a period of time. Why can’t the University spend this money in better places? Like, for example, putting more electrical outlets in the law library.

    Not being snarky (okay, maybe just a little), but seriously wondering.

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