‘Classic Scandal Harmonic Convergence’

“Classic Scandal Hamonic Convergence”! That Joshua Micah Marshall sure has a way with words.

Wasn't it him that invented dingbat kabuki? Yes, it was.

Oh yes, the new scandal. Well, it seems that the new scandal about Rep. Rick Renzi (R-AZ), this week's allegedly corrupt Republican Congressman, is tied to the old scandal of the US Attorney purge. In multiple ways.

My favorite cross-connection is the suggestion that in order to cover up the connection, DOJ failed to release relevant emails to Congress.

Weeks before election day 2006, word leaked to the press in Arizona that Charlton's office was investigating Renzi. Renzi's top aide Brian Murray then called Charlton's office and asked Charlton's spokesman, Wyn Hornbuckle.

Unlike what happened with David Iglesias, Charlton's chief investigator did report the contact to the Department of Justice, as DOJ regs dictate.

Now, here's the key: after all Congress's document and information requests to DOJ, the Justice Department had not revealed the Renzi-Charlton contact. For some reason, they've held that back

That's serious stuff. And it suggests there's more lurking under the rocks.

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