Sargent Breaks a Big Taboo

Cartoonist Ben Sargent — a big-time, mainstream syndicated cartoonist — breaks a huge taboo in this cartoon drawn for his hometown paper, the American-Statesman.

Inspired, perhaps, by the evidence that Bush-appointed US attorneys were seven times more likely to investigate Democrats than Republicans, or perhaps inspired only by the general stench coming from the “Gonzales Eight” scandal, Mr. Sargent draws a cartoon that quite clearly equates GOP appointees with jackbooted fascists. There’s no swastika, but we don’t need to be told what that means. It means Nazis.

Until now, any invocation of that parallel has been so taboo that any person making it was immediately voted off pundit island.

I predict, however, that any attempt to make a fuss about Sargent’s cartoon will fizzle.

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3 Responses to Sargent Breaks a Big Taboo

  1. Donald A. Coffin says:

    The link to the cartoon seems to be broken

  2. michael says:

    The link to the cartoon works from here on two different computers. But I think you have to have both cookies on and referrers allowed.

  3. One of the big problems with “G-dwin’s Law” popularity, is that it’s formed a real hindrance to discussing bona-fide political worries. I even know what G’win himself would say on that problem, but it’d be a deflection from the point.

    Every once in a while, I think about writing a “G’s Law Considered Harmful” essay, about this. But given the, err, “personal” politics, it’d likely do me more harm than good :-(.

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