One-liners About Latest Scandal

“What is it about 'So Help Me God' that Rove and Bush find so offensive?”

And, from TPM: “Bush: We were concerned about the lack of prosecutions of bogus voter fraud claims.”

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3 Responses to One-liners About Latest Scandal

  1. ds says:

    “Well obviously being good Christians and being sticken by guilt at what they have done, they are afraid to stand before God and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

  2. Mojo says:

    Obviously I’d prefer to have testimony under oath with transcripts and pushing Bush to claim executive privilege and take it to the courts is the next best option. But if we can’t get that, it would be amusing to go ahead and take the White House up on their offer of unsworn testimony without any record followed by all of the Democratic members of the committee announcing to the press that Gonzales admitted firing the prosecutors on the direct orders of President Bush because they wouldn’t let Duke Cunningham off with a slap on the wrist or file false charges against Democrats to help GOP campaigns and that Rove confirmed all of it. It would be so fun to listen to the GOP rail about how you can’t believe what those Congressmen say to the press because they aren’t under oath at the time.

  3. onmyway says:

    Jay Leno: “This afternoon, President Bush held a news conference where he accused the Democrats of playing politics with the firing of the US attorneys. You know, the attorneys he fired for not playing politics?”

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