McCain Implosion Continues (III)

stick a fork in himLooks like McCain has lost John Stewart's vote. And don't miss the Freudian slip.



At this rate, I'm prepared for Joe Lieberman to change parties and to sweep the early Republican primaries. After all, he supports the war, loves Bush, isn't a Mormon, and has only been married twice.

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One Response to McCain Implosion Continues (III)

  1. Mr. Flibble says:

    Aw you’re pulling my leg, Michael–a dirty jew for president? The white trash that makes up the GOP base isn’t going to sit still for that, no matter how many times the guy’s been married or how bloodthirsty he is.

    All I can say is that the GOP congresscritters need to look at their pitiful candidate slate and start getting worried about giving the next President too much power. Time to throw Bush under the bus, even if he’s got you bought and paid for. Survival trumps all.

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