If there's a blog out there that I most tend to agree with, it's probably The Carpetbagger Report.

But not always. In a discussion of the prospect of Sen. Schumer forcing Karl Rove to testify about the Gonzales Eight, today's entry says,

Call it a hunch, but if Rove is called to testify, and he hires counsel to help him through his testimony, his lawyer will strongly urge Rove to tell the truth. If he’s unclear about that, Rove can always call his buddy Scooter about the consequences.

My hunch is that his lawyer tells him to take the Fifth.

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One Response to Hunches

  1. JC says:

    It is clear now, that this is a concerted effort to use and abuse the U.S. Attorney office, for political ends. Made manifold and clear, from the number of corruption cases against Democrats, the pressure on atty’s to go after democrats, and the dumping of atty’s resisting the obvious political pressure.

    So a question – is this illegal?

    Obviously, the Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney’s offices are supposed to serve the law, not be the legal arm of Republican politics (although clearly Gonzales didn’t get the memo that he was no longer Bush’s personal counsel, when he accepted the A.G. job)).

    But – is it ILLEGAL? Actually encoded into law?

    Or is it simply so obvious – namely that the chief law enforcement officer of the land shouldn’t be a President’s lapdog – that this was never encoded into law?

    thanks for any thoughts, ahead of time.

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