Two Related Political Items

Two items with a connection.

First, my Congressional Representative, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, endorsed McCain for President.

Second, McCain today embarrassed himself (or, if you prefer, further sullied the remaining shreds of his good name) at the confirmation hearing of Gen George Casey to be Army Chief of Staff. McCain's, by buying into the BushCo line that although The Decider™ made all the decisions, it was the evil vizier, Gen. Casey, who is responsible for the debacle in Iraq.

McCain isn't going to be President. I don't even think he'll be the nominee, although I'm less sure of that. I am sure that they'll be nothing of him left by the time he gets the nomination, and that he'll have depleted his greatest asset—the press's infatuation.

Welcome, Rep. Ros-Lehtinen, to the sinking ship.

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