Registrar Deletes Domain Name Based on 3rd Party Complaint

Declan McCullagh has a story about a stealth practice that apparently has been going on for some time, but blew up spectacularly the other day. GoDaddy pulls security site after MySpace complaints. (I'm quoted in the story.)

It seems a registrar has been deleting domain names in response to abuse complaints — mostly spam and child porn — for a long time. But this week their policy took down a legitimate internet security site on the theory it was a hacker haven — and did it with a minute's warning (or maybe an hour's warning, accounts differ).

If GoDaddy is your registrar, you might want to consider how you feel about that.

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3 Responses to Registrar Deletes Domain Name Based on 3rd Party Complaint

  1. paperwight says:

    Actually, if you’re a non-wingnut, you might not want to use GoDaddy anyway. The owner is a first class Bircher-style wingnut. I don’t know of any truly good alternatives in the political sense, but there are some which are at least inoffensive.

  2. BroD says:

    Ok, we registrars get a bit testy at the start of the Spring semester but this does seem a bit over the top.

  3. Wow, a DoS in reverse, now that’s gotta be new. The best part is that it was done to a ‘security’ site. The secuirty site should be allowed to reciprocate and knock off MySpace for an equal period of time.
    Hope you don’t mind this joke. It’s not mine but seems appropriate. A guy on late nite TV said in a monologue that MySpace had established s sexual predator database. They call it Ok, if not funny, delete this. It was late. I needed a laugh that nite, any laugh.

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