But Consider the Source

This is so nutty that it makes sense, even if was invented at Comedy Central: Absurd Prediction (not?).

Incidentally, I really had no idea what category to file this under. Does anyone even care about categories?

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  1. LACJ says:

    I personally rarely utilize categories. But they are useful for the works of someone like Billmon, who has really in-depth posts that fit together well in groups. Assuming, of course, his archives are still in existence somewhere, else I should use the past tense.

  2. outtasight says:

    cc insider was right on the money about rumsfeld, so i wouldn’t dismiss this out of hand. there was comment about why negroponte gave up the DNI gig to take the # 2 spot at State. was it to free up Kindasleezy to move into Shooter’s spot?


  3. BroD says:

    Plus, this scenario would allow Cheney to really speak his mind unfettered by political constraints.
    Category: snark

  4. Phill says:

    I would file it under wishful thinking from administration employees who want to be rid of Cheney.

    The Whitehouse is now leaking in all directions. I suspect that their original intention was to attack Iran rather later after preparing the way. Instead every attempt they make to put out a bogus WMD claim is being shot down before the press hears about it. We first heard the WH was thinking about escalation in reports describing the opposition to the idea from the military.

    Cheney has such a warped view of his own power and the power of the Presidency that he is going to continue until he is told ‘NO’. Bush cannot force him to resign even if he wants him to.

    The Libby trial looks as if it is going to further weaken the administration and Cheney in particular. There might well be moves to impeach Cheney as a result. But any such moves would inevitably move upwards to the Presidency.

    I don’t think that the country would allow another Ford pardon. The Ford pardon of Nixon caused Watergate to remain an open wound for three decades. The GOP has still not got over the fact that Nixon was a criminal and should have gone to jail for his crimes. They are still pulling out appologies and excuses even today. That means no Rice as Veep.

  5. aidan says:

    Sounds like wishful thinking, but in some polls the ventriloquist is even lower than the dummy, so I suppose it could be viewed as damage control.

    Cheney is sinister because he uses a formidable intellect to defend the indefensible. Really, really mad people – the one’s who are totally out to lunch … are often the one’s who can provide dazzling rationales to support their current position, even when standing in shit. He’s been losing touch with reality and the American people see that, but it doesn’t stop Dick looking self-satisfied and smug as he reels off yet another implausible argument.

    I wonder what favorite books he decided to take to his desert island?

  6. USNA says:

    The other night on Charlie Rose’s show Ken Duberstein, Reagan’s Chief of Staff, intimated that “vice” might be an unindicted coconspirator in the Libby case … if so, that leaves dubya’s Pinnocchio without a viable Gepetto.

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