Rightous Wrath

Ok, I think this guy is a little angry. And with good reason.

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3 Responses to Rightous Wrath

  1. fiat lux says:

    Great piece, thanks for the link.

  2. BroD says:

    Angry? Ya think?

    I gotta say I never ran across this crap when I was in the service–but that was long ago.

  3. aidan says:

    It really is offensive when groups of the faithful (of any denomination) – attempt to insinuate their beliefs into military or political culture by using scriptural terminology, holding impromptu prayer meetings, handing out leaflets etc. Strict rules need to be enforced to ensure it doesn’t happen. Religion should be a personal matter, especially in a pluralistic setting – out of respect for others if nothing else. A soldier or political rep can always go visit their pastor, or retire to their office/residence to pray alone or in the company of others – it should not be put on display.

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