Eric Muller Writes a Letter

Eric Muller writes An Open Letter to the Members of the Institute for Political and International Studies of the Foreign Ministry of Iran.

Today’s must-read.

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  1. aidan says:

    Very moving post. It surprises me that anyone takes Ahmadinejad seriously on the issue of the holocaust. The man is clearly motivated exclusively by malice toward the state of Israel and looks for any and every excuse to spew his vitriol. It would help though if Israeli right wing “blood n’ soil purists” like Avigdor Lieberman put the lid on his hegemonic rants. That simply fuels Mahmoud’s hate mongering, and does a disservice to the Israeli people

  2. Phill says:

    Either he is a very lucky nutcase or its a calculated pose. More likely the latter since Iran has come out of the past few years rather well. After Bush announced his intention to invade Iran at a time of his own choosing (Axis of Evil) he was instead persuaded to attack Iran’s enemies on either side and incapacitate the US military in the process.

    The point of the conference appears to be to establish a willingness on the part of the Iranians to lob a nuclear weapon at Israel if Iran were attacked by the US. Which only makes sense if either he has a nuclear weapon or is able to convince people he has one because his behavior makes no sense otherwise.

    Currently the neo-cons are suggesting that the only explanation for their failure in Iraq must be either the Democrats or Iran. Since they can’t nuke the Democrats they seem to be trying to gear people up for a pre-emptive nuclear strike and kill a few hundred thousand people.

    It is also worth remembering that Hitler did not ‘only’ kill six million people, it was more like forty and fifty million of which ‘only’ ten million were outright murdered. The rest died because of Hitler’s war. So far the adventure in Iraq has been responsible for the deaths of at least 100,000 Iraqi civilians by the very minimum estimates, the estimate of 400,000 civilians killed is entirely plausible and it is more than likely that if you add in the deaths due to disease etc. the 650,000 figure is entirely plausible.

    Ahmadinejad’s people are probably on Al Jezzera at this very moment attacking the West for taking such great offense at the idea of questioning the events of fifty years ago while ignoring the current carnage in Iraq – unless of course it is US troops.

    It is a real pity that the US is losing a propaganda war to a third rate turd like Ahmadinejad but that is what is happening.

  3. aidan says:

    There were 67 attendees at his creepy denial fest and I was astounded to read in the T Star that Rabbis were among the number, including members from Jews Against Zionism. Ex KKK leader David Duke was also there to represent the Aryan trailer wing.

    I decided to dig a bit for a post on my blog and the Iranian Nazi connection was even larger than I had been led to believe. Revisionism requires a perverse willingness to ignore rational evidences. How do they explain away naked prison camp inmates waiting in line for their turn to be shot in the head? There are many such photos that clearly depict acts of Nazi brutality against Jews.

    No doubt Mahmoud has a theory about Jewish forgers.

  4. Phill says:

    The Jewish delegates are interviewed in a BBC article. They are not holocaust deniers. Their claim is that the holocaust is used to justify the creation of the state of Israel by force. They believe that only the Messiah can do that and that no blood can be shed in doing so. I seem to recall that they attended Ahmadinejad’s world without Zionism conference as well.

    I think you also need to distinguish holocause deniers from holocaust doubters. I don’t think that a single one of the kinpins of the holocaust deniers gang realy doubts the historical fact of the holocaust. It is simply a tactic that they find an effective way of getting media attention.

    David Irving’s first edition of Hitler’s War mentions the holocaust repeatedly, his privately published second edition has all the references removed. At his London libel trial it was shown that he was a forger who knew exactly what he was up to.

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