Of ‘Glogging’

I’m having a great time at ‘Unblinking’ – it’s wonderful to have a chance to learn from people in a variety of disciplines (except when it’s frustrating).

I am concentrating on the speakers, so there’s not going to be much blogging. but I did want to mention one new (to me) piece of jargon that has come up quite often: glogging.

Not everyone uses it quite the same way. Some speakers use it to mean continual personal data collection and sharing in a “sousveillance”/Steve Mann sort of a way. Others use it to mean a wider variety of user-directed broad data collection.

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  1. Ann Bartow says:

    ,sarcasm> This is great, because this area of the law doesn’t have nearly enough buzzwords or acronyms. Hey, say hi to Ian, Jane, Pam, etc. for me.

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