Warner Won’t Run For President

Source: Warner Won’t Run for White House . Assuming this is (a) true and (b) isn’t due to some ticking time bomb in his IM records, former Governor Warner would jump to the top of the short list for “ideal veep” for most likely candidates, putting him in a statistical tie with Senator Barack Obama. Both have big fan clubs, lack relevant experience (although in quite different ways), and have been studiously vague on major issues of the day (Warner more than Obama).

Update: The Washington Post points out some other possibilities:

Or it could allow him to seek Virginia Republican John Warner’s U.S. Senate seat if Warner retires in 2008.

The ex-governor could also run for his old job again. Virginia law does not allow sitting governors to run for reelection, but does allow them to seek the office again after a four-year hiatus. Warner, who left office with record approval ratings, has expressed repeatedly that he might want the job back someday.

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