US Still Hasn’t Turned Over Padilla’s Medical Records

TPMmuckraker has some interesting Padilla-related news and speculation regarding his allegation that the government force-fed him hallucinogenic drugs:

Early this year, [Orlando] do Campo, [a public defender representing Jose Padilla] said, Padilla’s legal team asked the Defense Department to turn over Padilla’s medical records from his detention at the brig of the Naval Weapons Station in Charleston, S.C. The government resisted, but the judge ordered them to comply. Several months later, do Campo still has not seen a single page of those records.

If Padilla was given drugs of any kind, one could expect them to be recorded in those files. Is that why the Defense Department is having a hard time turning those documents over?

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One Response to US Still Hasn’t Turned Over Padilla’s Medical Records

  1. Patrick (G) says:

    Isn’t there a technical/legal term for this “resistance” on the part of the government/Navy?

    The term “in contempt of the Court” comes to mind, but, hey, I am not a lawyer.

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